C&C Auto Detail Shop

Students majoring in Marketing, Finance, and Management have set out to stabilize and expand a local detail shop which employs and empowers at risk members of the community.

See Opportunity

As someone who has experienced homelessness and addiction himself, the owner of C&C C&C Auto Detail is dedicated to hiring and empowering those in need of a second chance. UA Enactus understands the value of his employment and is dedicated to scaling his business to expand its outreach in the community.

Take Action

UA Enactus met this challenge on three fronts: research, finance, and marketing. Our team…

  1. performed market research to determine popular services and price points in the area.
  2. analyzed C&C’s competitors’ services, prices, and products.
  3. balanced C&C’s budget, established new prices, and set incremental financial goals.
  4. rebranded the shop creating a website, logo, ad campaigns, and an online footprint.


Enable Progress

Our team is on track to have increased C&C’s revenue by 20% by May 2019. This increase in revenue will stabilize the business, provide job security to those employed, and will enable C&C to hire two new employees ready for a second chance.

Reach out to project manager Jonathan Wells at jlw089@uark.edu