Walton Store

The much anticipated powerhouse behind all of our projects, the Walton Store is led by our sharpest minds in business.

See Opportunity

Upon conducting initial market research, Enactus students realized that there was significant demand for Sam M. Walton College of Business branded apparel but there was no method for students or parents to purchase the apparel supplied to faculty and staff.

Take Action

Enactus students will take their research to University of Arkansas administration and lobby for the opportunity to market and sell Walton apparel on behalf of the University. When successful, Enactus students will establish the college’s first apparel store.

Enable Progress

All of the profits from the Walton Store will be invested right back into our Enactus projects to fund experimentation, innovation, and implementation at the Sam M. Walton College of Business for years to come. 

Questions? Email our project manager at cjt012@uark.edu